Trigrr offers a centralized software solution for monitoring and controlling smart building objects, from screens to lights and elevators, by translating diverse communication protocols into a no-code web interface.


Shayp uses AI-driven technology to monitor and estimates a building water usage, identifying and quantifying leaks in buildings, and can provide a device that retrofits older water meters.


Builtwins employ technology that utilizes a digital twin of the building to calculate and apply optimal parameters for various HVAC systems, ensuring automated and intelligent management. is an intelligent email management platform that uses AI to sort, organize, and automate your inbox, allowing you to save time and stay focused on important tasks.


Ovinto is an add on SaaS platform, filling the gaps for your existing software infrastructure for rail & intermodal freight.


Omnichannel Virtual Assistants that don’t feel like Chatbots – powered by world-class AI.


Charlie24 allows drivers to order immediate roadside assistance from local professionals at a clear and upfront announced price via their smartphone.