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Alumni News 25.02.2022

The importance of networks was demonstrated once again in 2021, when they became an even more essential part of our daily lives, to work, learn, communicate, and access entertainment. Networks are also central to our business and a key pillar of our Engage 2025 strategic plan, which is why we continued our efforts to accelerate fiber and 5G deployments across Europe. The Group also opened several Orange 5G Labs, enabling European companies to test and develop future 5G applications. Finally, as a responsible operator, Orange is committed to becoming net zero carbon by 2040, and network innovation will be a key contributing factor.

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Alumni News 17.01.2022

“Autonomous driving on rails” by OTIV is one of the 5G use cases supported by the Orange Fab programme. The start-up can count on the expertise of Orange Belgium for the necessary connectivity. “Thanks to the extensive Orange network, we are in touch with potential customers all over Europe,” OTIV co-founder Sam De Smet says.

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Alumni News 02.07.2018

CommuniThings kondigde de commerciële lancering aan van de eerste Smart Parking-oplossing via NB-IoT-technologie, in samenwerking met Orange. De “Shop & Drive”-oplossing die in Luik wordt voorgesteld, helpt pendelaars parkeerruimte vinden via een mobiele app, terwijl een betere parkeerrotatie meer shoppers aanvoert. De Smart Parking-oplossing draait op het mobiele IoT-netwerk van Orange Belgium en gebruikt draadloze sensoren met een laag vermogen en open-data-applicaties voor inwoners, handelaars en gemeenten.

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